Domain & Subdomain Enumeration

httprobe: Take a list of domains and probe for working http and https servers.

go get -u github.com/tomnomnom/httprobe

▶ cat recon/example/domains.txt
▶ cat recon/example/domains.txt | httprobe

domain-check-2: A simple shell script to display or notify the user via email about domain status and expiry date.

domain-check-2 -d google.com
domain-check-2 -f domain-list.txt 


Domain                              Registrar                                      Status   Expires     Days Left
----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- -------- ----------- ---------
nixcraft.com                        GoDaddy.com, LLC                               Valid    10-may-2023   2022 
google.org                          MarkMonitor Inc.                               Valid    20-oct-2018   359  
google.net                          MarkMonitor Inc.                               Valid    15-mar-2018   140  
google.info                         MarkMonitor Inc.                               Valid    31-jul-2018   278  
cyberciti.biz                       GoDaddy.com, Inc.                              Valid    30-jun-2024   2439 
google.in                           MarkMonitor Inc. (R84-AFIN)                    Valid    14-Feb-2018   111  
google.co.in                        MarkMonitor Inc. (R84-AFIN)                    Valid    23-Jun-2018   240  
google.us                           MarkMonitor, Inc.                              Valid    18-apr-2018   174  
google.uk                           Markmonitor Inc.                               Valid    11-Jun-2018   228  

letItGo: Enumerate and check domains for Azure tenants.

altdns: Altdns is a DNS recon tool that allows for the discovery of subdomains that conform to patterns.

altdns -i subdomains.txt -o data_output -w words.txt -r -s results_output.txt

Sublist3r: Sublist3r is a python tool designed to enumerate subdomains of websites using OSINT.

aquatone: Aquatone is a tool for visual inspection of websites across a large number of hosts and is convenient for quickly gaining an overview of HTTP-based attack surface. To use it on Windows OS, you shoud download this version of chromium. Once downloaded, aquatone must be executed with full paths to take the screenshots:

PS C:\Users\IEUser\Desktop > cat .\ips.txt | .\aquatone.exe -chrome-path "C:\Users\IEUser\Desktop\chrome-win\chrome.exe" -out "C:\Users\IEUser\Desktop\output\"

amass: The OWASP Amass Project performs network mapping of attack surfaces and external asset discovery using open source information gathering and active reconnaissance techniques.

amass enum -d domain.org
amass intel -active -addr 192.168.x.x -p 80,443,8080" 

Importing Amass Results into Maltego:

amass viz -maltego

Import the CSV file with the correct Connectivity Table settings:

VHostScan: A virtual host scanner that can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, aliases and dynamic default pages. First presented at SecTalks BNE in September 2017 (slidedeck).

VHostScan -t example.com --ssl
echo -e 'a.example.com\b.example.com' | VHostScan -t localhost -w ./wordlists/wordlist.txt
cat bank.htb | VHostScan -t

virtual-host-discovery: This is a basic HTTP scanner that'll enumerate virtual hosts on a given IP address.

ruby scan.rb --ip= --host=domain

gobuster: Gobuster is a tool used to brute-force: URIs, DNS subdomains, Virtual Host names and Open AWS S3 buckets.

gobuster dns -d google.com -w ~/wordlists/subdomains.txt

aiodnsbrute: A Python 3.5+ tool that uses asyncio to brute force domain names asynchronously.


sudo pip3 install aiodnsbrute
aiodnsbrute yahoo.com -w /tmp/11m_sub_wordlist.txt -o csv -t 100000 -r resolver.txt

Sudomy: A subdomain enumeration tool to collect subdomains and analyzing domains performing advanced automated reconnaissance (framework). This tool can also be used for OSINT (Open-source intelligence) activities.

./sudomy -d localhost -dP -eP -rS -cF -pS -tO -gW --httpx --dnsprobe  -aI webanalyze -sS
./sudomy -d localhost --bruteforce

Legion: Legion is an open source, easy-to-use, super-extensible and semi-automated network penetration testing tool that aids in discovery, reconnaissance and exploitation of information systems.

red_hawk: All in one tool for Information Gathering, Vulnerability Scanning and Crawling. A must have tool for all penetration testers.

Subdomain Takeover

subjack: A Subdomain Takeover tool written in Go designed to scan a list of subdomains concurrently and identify ones that are able to be hijacked.

subjack -w ~/tmp/subdomains.txt -c fingerprints.json -t 100 -timeout 30 -o results.txt -ssl
subjack -w subdomains.txt -t 100 -timeout 30 -o results.txt -ssl

SubOver: Subover is a Hostile Subdomain Takeover tool originally written in python but rewritten from scratch in Golang.

go get github.com/Ice3man543/SubOver
./SubOver -l subdomains.txt
go run subover.go -l ~/Downloads/subdomains -v

tko-subs: Takeover by CNAME entry.

tko-subs -domains ~/Downloads/subdomains.txt

massdns: MassDNS is a simple high-performance DNS stub resolver targeting those who seek to resolve a massive amount of domain names in the order of millions or even billions. Without special configuration, MassDNS is capable of resolving over 350,000 names per second using publicly available resolvers.

massdns -r lists/resolvers.txt -t MX /home/kali/Downloads/all_domains_from_sublister_amass.txt > /home/kali/Downloads/results_MX.txt
massdns -r lists/resolvers.txt -t CNAME /home/kali/Downloads/all_domains_from_sublister_amass.txt > /home/kali/Downloads/results_CNAME.txt


autoSubTakeover: A tool used to check if a CNAME resolves to the scope address. If the CNAME resolves to a non-scope address it might be worth checking out if subdomain takeover is possible. Also checks if the domain that a subdomain points to is expired.

autoSubTakeover: A tool used to check if a CNAME resolves to the scope address. If the CNAME resolves to a non-scope address it might be worth checking out if subdomain takeover is possible. Also checks if the domain that a subdomain points to is expired.

puredns: puredns is a bash and python application that uses massdns to accurately perform DNS bruteforcing and mass resolving.

NtHiM: Now, the Host is Mine! - Super Fast Sub-domain Takeover Detection!

NtHiM -t https://example.example.com
NtHiM -f hostnames.txt

Interact.sh - an alternative to burp collaborator ;)

shredos.x86_64: Shredos 64 bit for all Intel 64 bit processors as well as processors from AMD and other vendors which make compatible 64 bit chips. ShredOS - Secure disk erasure.

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