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GitHub - wietze/windows-dll-hijacking: Project for identifying executables and DLLs vulnerable to relative path DLL hijacking.
GitHub - quentinhardy/pytmipe: Python library and client for token manipulations and impersonations for privilege escalation on Windows
Windows API and Impersonation Part 1 - How to get SYSTEM using Primary Tokens
zc00l blog
Process Migration - tokens stealing (like a meterpreter) ~ Кибер Кака }{}{}{
Кибер Кака }{}{}{
Red Teaming/Adversary Simulation Toolkit

Linux binaries for Windows

awk, cut, wget,grep, etc binaries for windows
coreutils for Windows

Tmux basic tricks

#new session
tmux new -s nmap
#attach created session
tmux a -t nmap
#list sessions
tmux ls
CTRL+B => d
#kill session
tmux kill-session -t myname
c new window
, name window
w list windows
f find window
& kill window
. move window - prompted for a new number
:movew<CR> move window to the next unused number
% horizontal split
" vertical split
o swap panes
q show pane numbers
x kill pane
⍽ space - toggle between layouts
-- MOUSE----------
CTRL+B => :set -g mouse on
:setw mode-keys emacs
navigate: CTRL+B => [
exit: q
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